Why factor 15?

We often get asked why we only recommend an SPF 15 when there are much higher SPFs available.

It's logical to assume that an SPF 30 provides twice the protection of an SPF 15 right?

Wrong! It only blocks 4% more rays... (SPF 15 blocks 93% | SPF 30 blocks 97%)

High SPFs can give a false sense of security, meaning people tend to reapply them less often. Not only that but they contain a much greater level of potentially harmful chemicals and they only indicate the protection against UVB rays (the ones that cause burning) not UVA rays (the ones that cause ageing)

We need added protection when it comes to UVA rays, which come in the form of antioxidants. These eat up the free radicals generated in the skin from UV exposure, minimising the damaging effects... So what do we recommend for the ultimate protection? Environ's Antioxidant sunscreen RAD and a daily dose of ANPs Skin antioxidant. I was lucky enough to be in Italy a few weeks ago, in 42 degree heat. As many of you know I have fair skin & hair. However I used RAD SPF 15 every day- reapplying EVERY 2 hours & Skin Antioxidant is part of my daily Vitamin routine and I returned with a healthy glow. The proof is in the pudding!

Be safe in the sun☝🏻

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