From day one we have been on a bit of a Eco mission at SofieGeorgia...

We are passionate about the ocean, the planet and finding alternatives to using plastic, and are always looking for ways to reuse what we can, recycle what we can and reduce the usage of what we can. It may only be small changes on our part, but small changes can make a big difference.

Our cotton buds/pads are organic and paper stemmed, we use eco friendly biodegradable baby wipes for waxing, along with biodegradable single use hygiene towels (saves the washing!) All our cleaning products are plant based and eco friendly, are drinks straws are biodegradable, and single use plastic items such as mascara wands are now made from bamboo. 

We reuse our hygiene couch roll for cleaning purposes, along with our eco cleaning cloths. We use 100% recycled and plastic free toilet paper and tissues from 'Who gives a crap'. We send our coffee pods off to be recycled with Nespresso,  have our own recycling scheme

(SG RETURN, RECYCLE, REWARD) to encourage our clients to return their empty products for us to recycle correctly and we support and use British brands wherever possible.

There is always more for us to do and we will always continue to make positive changes where we can...

It's what we do!

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