It was from personal intrigue and experience that led us to the wonder of Vitamin B12.
B12 is the vital vitamin for our body that many of us are lacking in. It is one of the hardest vitamins for the body to absorb which is why we inject it for maximum absorption. Supplementing through tablet form just isn't enough for a lot of people as our gut finds it too difficult to absorb. B12 shots are the best way to get this vitamin into your body so that you absorb it quickly and effectively.

Our B12 shots are intra-muscular in the form of Hydroxocobalamin, which bypass the gut, meaning you absorb 100% of the vitamin.


All of our prescriptions are approved by a UK Registered Prescribing Doctor/Nurse following a medical consultation to ensure each individuals suitability for treatments. The product we use for injections is NHS approved, UK licensed, and supplied by a UK licensed and registered pharmacy. This is selected for the safest and the highest quality product available for purpose. We are fully trained, certified, insured and refresh our training often to ensure we are providing the very best practice possible. 

Did you know Vitamin B12 is essential for-

Proper brain function

Energy production

Healthy immune system

Aiding digestion

Hair and skin health

Vegetarians, Vegans and over 50s.

(To name a few)

Courses may be advised for best results. Forms must be completed at least 48 hours before your appointment. If you have received any Covid-19 Vaccine, you must leave a minimum of 2 weeks between this and your B12 injection.

Single shot | £40