We did this!

PROUD MOMENT. See this box? This isn’t just any old box... This is the brand spanking new @environskincare recycling scheme box... Last year we got in contact with David Alpert, passionate environmentalist & MD of the IIAA (International Institute for Anti-Ageing) to tell him about our recycling scheme we had launched and how it would be great if they could do something similar... The outcome? The IIAA have launched this recycling scheme to encourage all of their stockists to collect empty Environ containers and send them back to the IIAA where they will be recycled into second use plastic. This is maaaahoooosive! And it is so wonderful to see how many IIAA stockists are taking part in it... Thank you David Alpert + The Green Team for making this happen, we are well and truly CHUFFED TO ABSOLUTE BITS! Just imagine how many plastic cosmetic containers this will stop going to landfill, or even worse, our oceans! Never think you are too small to make a difference ✨


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