Why we chose Dermalux

Why we chose Dermalux...

There are some very unique things about our Dermalux machine that make it a cut above the rest... Let’s start with the specific depth that each light works at... This is measured in nanometers, which ensures optimum absorption of light needed to target specific skin concerns.

Blue light at 415NM (bacterial destruction)

Red light at 633NM (kick starts cells to regenerate faster)

Near infrared light at 830NM (accelerates repair)

It’s not guess work, these are PROVEN wavelengths. If the wavelength isn’t correct then the light doesn’t absorb properly into that skin cell making it ineffective.

And the bulbs?

They are dome shaped, not flat. This means they actually stick out, emitting as much light as possible through each bulb.

Not only that, each bulb is dedicated to one light, meaning we can mix the different colours to create the ultimate bespoke LED phototherapy (TRI WAVE) without compromising on the strength of the treatment.

How many lights?!

Our Dermalux Tri Wave is actually made up of 1800+ led lights.

That’s 1600 more than the average LED mask... more lights mean more power...

Oh and the awards...

Just to top it off... it’s won at The Aesthetics Awards the last 5 years in a row (Best Treatment, Energy Treatment of the year & Treatment of the year)

Remember... not all LED Phototherapy systems are the same...


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