There was some serious winds, rain, HAIL, sun, freezing cold temperatures, knee deep mud, jumping high fences, climbing walls, running up, sliding down, trying again, belly crawling, piggybacking, barbed wire, nose diving into freezing muddy waters, running up hills, carrying trees, pulling each other up, climbing on shoulders🏋🏼‍♀️, trainers nearly lost, cuts, bruises, lots of MUD... But there was also some serious teamwork and togetherness, overcoming fears, helping each other up, encouragement, fits of giggles, smiles, and thoughts of a beer at the end and a nice hot bath when we get home. Oh and all topped off with fish finger sandwiches from Bills en route back!

Overall a fantasticly muddy day! All in aid of raising money for an amazing local charity CAM SIGHT...

Altogether through donations via our sponsor page and the page directly itself we raised nearly £900!

I think we have definitely earned the titles TOUGH MUDDERS! GO TEAM!!!!!

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