The hydrating Clay Masque contains intensely hydrating ingredients and incorporates the finest clay. This formula assists in absorbing excess oils and micro-exfoliating the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and more radiant.


Skin type. All skin types.
Benefits. Improves hydration. Absorbs excess oils and impurities to assist decongesting the skin. Micro exfoliates to refine appearance of the skin without compromising the skins barrier function.

Key ingredients. Kaolin, Mineral oil, Vitamins E, B5, Barley Seed Extract.
Pair with. Hydrating Oil Capsules, AVST.

Skin EssentiA Hydrating Clay Masque

  • The super mask that can be used 4 different ways! Don't be fooled, this looks like a simple little face mask yes? No, it really is special. Dry/Dehydrated skin? Leave on for 20 mins and rinse. Oily skin? Leave on overnight to soak up the excess oils. Need something super intense? Use with a Hydrating Oil Capsule for a real moisture boost. Got a breakout? You know, one of those sore, hard, red, boily types? This will be your new best friend! Apply a dollop on the area overnight and let it work its magic. You'll be so surprised in the morning. Great for calming redness and inflammation and making it pretty much nearly disappear... Clay masque to the rescue! 

    Why we love Environ in general. It is skin care that really works. It's results driven, it's formula is based around key vitamins A, C & E, antioxidants, powerful peptides and gentle acids that, when put together, work in synergy with one another... It's scientifically based, backed by constant research and is the leader in the skin care industry. It is formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, world renowned doctor, surgeon, scientist, pioneer, and was initially made for his patients. There is no fluff and puff, no nice sweet smells, the ingredients you find in Environ products are there for one reason and one reason only, they work.

    You can also recycle your empties with us using our SG Return, Recycle, Reward scheme and earn treatcard points. Points mean prizes! (or more specifically complementary treatments and discount vouchers!)

  • For dry/sensitive/dehydrated. Apply in a thick layer for 20-30mins, rinse, apply serums/moisturisers.
    For oily skins. Leave on as an overnight treatment to soak up excess oils.
    A micro-exfoliator. Use with our pre-cleanse oil, massage together into the skin for 3-5mins, remove with your cleanser.
    A spot treatment. Dab on your breakouts and leave overnight.
    Intense hydrating treatment- Apply a hydrating oil capsule first, apply clay masque on top, leave overnight.