Seaweed Calcium Base
A wonderful combination of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, working together to harden the natural nails. Can be used as a ridge filler.. Perfect to help increase suppleness of dry brittle nails and correct uneven ridged nails.

Apply one coat as a base or two coats on its own for a hint of peach shade.

Who is this for. Dry, brittle nails. Ridged nails.

Benefits. Vegan friendly. Quick Drying. Transforms nails in minutes.

Key ingredients. Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc.


Ethos Seaweed Calcium Base

Size.: 14ml
  • The perfect touch to a natural nail. Great for those who like to keep their nails looking well groomed, au natural. We LOVE using this in our treatment removals and manicures, such a fav. This gives a hint of peach, keeping transparent. Add a little more depth with 2 coats. GREAT for dry, brittle or ridged nails. Easy to apply, dries super quick! 

    If you prefer a hint of lavender, check out the Ethos Lavender Base, it's just as amazing.