NEW FORMULA to activate your skin's collagen. As we get older our skin loses its elasticity and production of collagen decreases. Harnessing the synergy of five ingredients, this new formula helps to build and safeguard collagen helping to maintain levels for supple, younger-looking skin. This clever cocktail of vitamin C, zinc, MSM, grapeseed extract and melon concentrate has over 150 studies attributed to the effectiveness of ingredients on skin. A case study on panellists showcased that 85% of individuals experienced an increase in elasticity around the eye contour area after completing three months of using this skin supporting supplement.


Skin type. All skin types. Mature skins. Scarring. Loss of elasticity.
Benefits. Supports collagen production. Prevents collagen breakdown. Healing. Plumps and smooths. Protects skin cells.
Key nutrients. Vitamin C 24mg, Zinc 4mg, Grapeseed Extract 115mg, Melon Concentrate 2.3mg, MSM 700g.

Suitable for. Vegans.
Pair with. Combine with Skin Vit C for enhanced results.

Skin Collagen Support

Size.: 60 capsules