SofieGeorgia is within phase 3 of the latest Government guidelines for the ‘phased recovery’ of businesses and the response to the Corona virus. First and foremost, this means that the EARLIEST date we will be able to open is Saturday, 4th July.

If you would like to join our waiting list for appointments, please email us to confirm which treatments you would like. We will then be in touch once we open up our diary again for bookings (this will be done once we have a definite opening date from the government). Unfortunately, we will not be offering our online booking system just yet. This is so we can manage the appointments safely and more efficiently.

As there is still so much uncertainty in regards to which treatments we will be able to offer at first, we may only be able to accommodate some of your chosen treatments and this will be confirmed with you in person. We are still unsure about what exact measures the government will expect us to abide by, however, there are a few things we are quite certain of. We have also taken it upon ourselves to make some changes to the salon and the salon experience itself and here are some of the changes you may expect to see...

Appointments & Arrivals. All appointments must be booked in advance. To keep in line with social distancing measures set by Government, there will be a limit on how many clients we can have in the salon at any one time. Therefore, you may need to wait in your car or outside the salon until your exact appointment time.

Health. If you have been feeling unwell, live with someone who is feeling unwell or have any symptoms prior to your appointment please call us to rearrange. We have an infrared thermometer to take everyone’s temperatures before entering the salon for our team & clients.

Hand Washing & Sanitising. We will kindly ask that everyone washes their hands upon arrival. We will also have hand sanitiser stations around the salon for you to use.

Appointment Timings. Timings are going to have to be strict for both us and you. We will need to allow for 'cleaning time' in between appointments to ensure the correct sanitation, sterilising and set up is done. PLEASE try not to be late.

Drinks. Hot drinks and our infused water will not be offered. This is due to the crockery being used, the washing process and the potential for the virus to spread unknowingly. We will however be offering cold refreshments in sealed glass bottles.

Waiting Area. The orange sofa is unfortunately going into hibernation! This makes us so sad, but we cannot encourage anyone to congregate in such a small area. It is also very difficult to clean, and we need to create as much space as possible in the reception area to make you feel safe.

Screens. We have a new glass screen fitted on reception, and also screens for our nail and pedicure stations. This is for the safety and reassurance for you and us in this close contact area.

PPE. We are currently making our own masks, which we will always be wearing, as well as disposable gloves. When necessary we will be wearing shields and our uniform may look a little different. Please also don’t be surprised if we also ask you to wear a mask too, when appropriate. 

New forms. All clients will need to fill out a new client form with Covid-19 related criteria. This will be done digitally and prior to your appointment.

Payment. We will be encouraging card payments, where possible, rather than cash. All receipts will be sent through on email rather than paper. Any cash tips can go directly into the therapists pot or can be put on card.

Magazines & Books. Again, we have had to remove these because of how the virus can spread. 

Product Testers. These will now be behind reception and can be sampled upon request using disposables and sterile methods.

Retail Displays. Please avoid touching these as much as possible, we know it is hard because they look so pretty and we have lots of shiny new things and we just want to touch them, BUT please try not to!

Opening Times. Our opening times are subject to change and we will always keep you updated on this. We will be creating special days and allotted time slots for anyone who may be in the vulnerable category. If you feel this might be you, please let us know. If we feel this might be you, please don't be offended if we suggest this.

Sterilising. Please be rest assured that we are always following all the correct sanitising/sterilising procedures, using disposables where necessary and we will replace anything that could attract and carry the virus with a safer alternative. 

On a more personal note, our industry is one that is built around relationships, touch, wellbeing, socialising, spending time with you and the salon experience as a whole. We know things moving forward will be very different for a long time to come. It saddens us to think that your 'You Time' won't be what we can normally offer you, but we hope we can still give you the best possible experience given the current circumstances. 



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