Updated July 2021

Pre appointment. All clients will need to fill out a new client form with some Covid-19 related criteria, which will be sent to you via email. Please ensure this is filled out and returned to us as soon as possible. The form will  be sent to your before every appointment. You will not be required to fill this out from scratch each time, instead you can check, update, sign and resend. 

Patch testing. As of April 2021, we are re-patch testing ALL clients who have eyelash extensions, lvl, brow lamination and tinting at least 48 hours before your appointment. This should be booked in advance of your scheduled appointment. We cannot carry out the above treatments without a new patch test. PLEASE NOTE, if you have tested positive for Coronavirus or have had any Covid-19 Vaccine since your last appointment (eyelash extensions, LVL, brow lamination, tinting) we will require another patch test.

Masks. As therapists, we will continue to wear masks during treatments and whilst in the salon. However, clients will be given the choice on whether they wear a mask during their visit. We ask all clients to be respectful to eachother and still be considerate of one another's space.

Appointments & Arrivals.  We are still keeping how many clients we have in the salon at any one time to a minimum. Therefore, you may need to wait outside the salon until your exact appointment time if it looks particularly busy inside. During the summer months there will be seating available outside, should you want to arrive early and enjoy a complimentary beverage.

Health. If you have been feeling unwell, live with someone who is feeling unwell, have any symptoms or have been in contact with a positive case prior to your appointment, please call us to rearrange.

Hand Washing & Sanitising. We will kindly ask that everyone sanitises their hands upon arrival. We have a hand sanitiser station as soon as your walk in the door and also at each treatment area/reception for you to use. As always, our hands are washed throughly before and after each treatment as well as regularly sanitised.

Appointment Timings. We are still allowing 'cleaning time' in between appointments to ensure the correct sanitation, sterilising and set up is complete. Please try not to be late (and we will try do the same).

Drinks. Hot drinks are now permitted and will still be served in disposable cups. We are also offer still and sparkling water in sealed glass bottles.

Screens. Our glass screen is fitted on reception, as well as the screen for our nail and pedicure stations to separate you from the adjacent client. This is for the safety and reassurance of you in this close contact area.

PPE. We will continue to wear masks, as well as disposable gloves for certain treatments. We prefer not to use gloves for all treatments and find our thorough handwashing and sanitising more sufficient. However, if you would prefer any extra PPE from us or for you, please just ask. 

Payment. Payment can be made by cash or card. Receipts will be emailed however, paper copies are also available if needed.

Product Testers. These are still behind reception and can be sampled upon request using disposables and sterile methods. We will however be bringing some form of tester stand back shortly.

Sterilising. Please be rest assured that we are always following all the correct sanitising/sterilising procedures, using disposables where necessary and replacing anything that could attract and carry the virus with a safer alternative. We are constantly disinfecting common touch point areas such as door handles. We also allow 15 minutes in between each appointment to disinfect the treatment area/reception touch points. We start each day with a 30 minute salon clean and also deep clean throughout the week. 


Bedding. We have removed all towels/bedding from our facial/massage treatments. These have been replaced with our single use 100% biodegradable towels and wipeable pillowcases, ensuring the very best in hygiene practice. Blankets are back though if needed!

On a more personal note, our industry is one that is built around relationships, touch, wellbeing, socialising, spending time with you and the salon experience as a whole. We know things moving forward will be very different for a long time to come. It saddens us to think that your 'You Time' won't be what we can normally offer you, but we hope we can still give you the best possible experience given the current circumstances.