Unlimited Dermalux LED £300

What is Dermalux?

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non invasive treatment that harnesses the power of pure light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. It delivers skin specific combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to target a whole array of skin concerns.


Who is it for?

Everybody! It helps reduce lines/wrinkles, boosts collagen and elastin, improves skin tone and texture, eliminates acne causing bacteria, fights breakouts and blemishes, increases skin hydration, it rejuvenates the skin cells, improves skin clarity, calms redness and sensitivity and helps reduce pigmentation... It really is a powerful machine!

Our clients love it, we love it, JLO and Victoria Beckham love it... as well as lots of other celebs!


Is it safe?

Absolutely! Dermalux LED has one of the highest safety profiles there is!

There is no downtime or discomfort, it is safe all year round and is for all skin types. Infact, it is very relaxing, like going on a mini holiday! And it boosts your serotonin levels! Think of it as a happy light!


What does a course of Dermalux do?

A course offers long lasting visible results, stimulating the skins natural repair processes to speed up cell renewal, resolve problem skin conditions and promote vibrant healthy looking skin! It makes skin wonderful...


Is it like other LED machines?

Nope! There are some very unique things about our Dermalux TriWave machine that make it a cut above the rest... Each light works at a specific wavelength... This is measured in nanometers, which ensures optimum absorption of light needed to target specific skin concerns.

Blue light at 415NM (bacterial destruction)
Red light at 633NM (kick starts cells to regenerate faster)
Near infrared light at 830NM (accelerates repair)

It’s not guess work, these are PROVEN wavelengths. If the wavelength isn’t correct then the light doesn’t absorb properly into that skin cell making it ineffective.

And the bulbs? 
They are dome shaped, not flat. This means they actually stick out, emitting as much light as possible through each bulb. 
Not only that, each bulb is dedicated to one light, meaning we can mix the different colours to create the ultimate bespoke LED phototherapy (TRI WAVE) without compromising on the strength of the treatment. 
How many lights?!
Our Dermalux Tri Wave is actually made up of 1800+ led lights.
That’s 1600 more than the average LED mask... more lights mean more power... Oh and the awards...
Just to top it off... it’s won at The Aesthetics Awards the last 6 years in a row (Best Treatment, Energy Treatment of the year & Treatment of the year)


Check out some of our very own before and after pictures in our Skin Gallery.


Ts&Cs apply...

Maximum of 1 session per person per day (subject to availability)

Sessions can only be used for 1 person

Strict cancellation policy will be applied

Offer is only available during our opening hours throughout March2020.

Treatment Offer must be paid in full to secure your appointments.


Make the most of your sessions...

Come in for 1 session a day during March, that's 21 days, that's sessions worth £1260- so you would save £960!

Ok, if that's a little too much commitment how about 3 a week? Savings of £420!

Or even 2 a week? SAVE £180!


Cancellation policy-

At least 24 hours notice must be given for any cancellations/amendments 

Any cancellations/no shows within the 24 hour timeframe will incur a £20 fee if we cannot fill that appointment slot.

Please bear in mind that these appointments are precious to us and our clients, therefore only book what you know you can attend.


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