Natruflex contains 95% strength turmeric and black pepper, combined with naturally sourced marine magnesium.


This high potency turmeric contains seven active curcuminoids at 95% effect strength. Compare this to standard food grade turmeric which contains ~4-6% curcuminoids and you can quickly see why we call this 'high potency'. Clinical evidence has shown curcuminoids have significant positive effects on soothing aching muscles and joints as well as improving sports performance and recovery.

This is combined with naturally sourced marine magnesium to further support nerve function, whilst the piperine (another helpful bio-active) supplied by the black pepper helps increase absorption by up to 2000%.



Who is this for? General wellbeing, overall health, gut health, inflammation.
Benefits. Soothe joint and muscle discomfort. Help protect the gut. Aids sports performance and recovery. Anti inflammatory.
Key nutrients. Turmeric extract (curcuminoids) 800mg, Black pepper 20mg, Marine magnesium 180mg (Per 2 capsules)

Suitable for. Vegans/Vegetarians.

Caution. Not suitable for anyone who is prescribed an antiplatelet or anticoagulant.

The Naked Pharmacy. Natruflex Turmeric (Muscles, Joints, Gut)

Size.: 60 capsule pouch