Every time you put your hair up with a normal hair band, the elastic weakens and damages your hair, making it prone to kinking and breaking.Our Pure Silk Hair Bands are made out of our signature 22 momme mulberry silk, which protect your hair from friction and damage. 

Bag of 3 Hair Bands.


Who is this for? Everyone who ties their hair up!
Benefits. Protects hair. No friction. No damage. Super strong hold. Protects from kinks and breakages.
Made from. 22 momme Pure Mulberry Silk.
Works well with. Your hair!

THIS IS SILK Pure Silk Hair Bands

  • Do I need Silk Hair Bands in my life? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! So, we can be quite fussy with hair bands, they have to do the job correctly. And boy do these do that. They give such a strong hold in your hair, without the damage! We have totally converted to these. They look and feel great, are silky soft and super gentle on the hair and don't snag! They also just stay looking like new. And they look great around your wrist too when you are not wearing them in your hair (without cutting off the blood supply, excellent!) They also come in a little organza bag, making them the perfect gift too!

    Why we love THIS IS SILK. There is so much that we love about this independent brand... THIS IS SILK was created to share the incredible benefits of silk for skin and hair. They searched long and hard to find the perfect silk. They wanted to recreate that old-fashioned, thick and lustrous silk, not the thin and flimsy fabric we see on the High Street today. Their pillowcases are a 22 momme weight of silk. This is heavier than most pillowcases on the market, which are either 16 momme or 19 momme and the superior grade means they are more lustrous, more durable and machine-washable. They package their products beautifully, making them the most perfect gift for someone (or yourself!). They just scream luxury! They were also named THE INDEPENDENT "BEST BUY" SILK PILLOWCASE. That says it all! It's LOVE.