Winner of the 'Best Buy' award in the Independent for ability to reduce wrinkles and soften skin, and frequently praised for their unrivalled quality. Sleeping on cotton accelerates the ageing process. Sleeping on Silk delays it. The pillowcases are all machine-washable on a delicates' cycle using a detergent suitable for Silk.



Who is this for. Everyone. Sensitive skins. Ageing concerns. Frizzy hair. 
Benefits. Helps fight lines, wrinkles & creases. Machine washable. 
Works well with. All of your lotions and potions.
Made from. 22 momme Mulberry Silk.


THIS IS SILK 22 momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Size.: 75 cm x 50 cm; a standard size.
Colour.: Snow White
  • Once you try one of these you will wonder how you ever slept a wink without one! Not only are their pillowcases the best we have ever come across (our clients say the same too), they are boxed beautifully, making them the perfect gift too. But what is so great? Well... They help with fine lines and sleep creases on your face (honestly, a little crease I used to wake up with isn't visible anymore). They help your facial serums work harder at night, yep that's right, no more expensive serums being soaked up by cotton! They are machine washable (we all like a little convenience) and they are incredibly soft and lustrous skin for delicate facial skin. Oh and they calm frizzy hair and prevent unmanageable bedhead! They are also free of harmful dyes and products, making them particularly good for sensitive skin and they are Oekotex certified.

    Why we love THIS IS SILK. There is so much that we love about this independent brand... THIS IS SILK was created to share the incredible benefits of silk for skin and hair. They searched long and hard to find the perfect silk. They wanted to recreate that old-fashioned, thick and lustrous silk, not the thin and flimsy fabric we see on the High Street today. Their pillowcases are a 22 momme weight of silk. This is heavier than most pillowcases on the market, which are either 16 momme or 19 momme and the superior grade means they are more lustrous, more durable and machine-washable. They box their products beautifully, making them the most perfect gift for someone (or yourself!). They just scream luxury! They were also named THE INDEPENDENT "BEST BUY" SILK PILLOWCASE. That says it all! It's LOVE.