The active polyphenols found in the bergamot fruit extract can help to improve both cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors. Bergatone contains four key polyphenols, which enable it to bind to dietary fats and prevent them being used by the body. These micronutrients are scientifically proven to balance cholesterol and support cardiovascular health. Bergatone contains the world’s highest strength bergamot fruit extract with a 35% minimum standardised strength of active polyphenols, permitting optimum product efficacy.



Who is this for? Cardiovascular health, digestion, healthy cholesterol.
Benefits. Restore and improve cardiovascular health, helps unhealthy fats pass safely through the gut, hels restore normal cholesterol balance.
Key nutrients. Citrus Bergamot 35% polyphenolic acid 604mg.

Suitable for. Vegans/Vegetarians.

Caution. Not advised for pregnancy/breastfeeding.

The Naked Pharmacy. Bergatone (Heart, Gut, Digestion)

Size.: 90 capsules