MERME Rose Water is organic, vegan and chemical-free. A pure, soothing and hydrating water, rich in antioxidants that strengthen skill cells as well as firm and tone. Organic Rose Water is fantastic for keeping acne-prone skin cleansed throughout the day due to its antibacterial properties. It instantly leaves skin feeling refreshed while dissolving residual dirt and oil from pores. Rose Water will also restore the skin’s pH balance as well as hydrate. Rose petals contain powerful antioxidants that protect skin cells against damage, with anti-inflammatory properties perfect for sensitive or irritated skin.


Skin type. All skin types. Sensitive, Redness, Dehydrated, Mature. Problematic.
Benefits. Anti-inflammatory. Hydrating. Balances PH. Antibacterial. Calming. Tightening.
Key nutrients. 100% Bulgarian rose water (Rosa damascena flower water), Vitamins A, B3, C, D, E.
Pair with. Any moisturiser, MERME Facial Healing Elixir, MERME Facial Balancing Elixir, Skin Antioxidant.

Suitable for. Vegans.

Facial Antioxidant Mist 100% Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

Size.: 100ml
  • Oh this facial mist is so dreamy! It gently hydrates the skin and absorbs immediately without leaving any residue. It can be used on all skin types, especially sensitive, irritated or acne prone skin. Add it into your skin care routine, it feels like you are giving yourself a little facial. If you are prone to inflammation and little bumps under the skin, this is for you. It's the B3 that helps combats the initial stages of acne, before the breakouts arise. Halleluja! Rose water has been used for thousands of years for being super anti-inflammatory, helping to soothe and calm redness. It also contains the anti-ageing wonder ingredient, Vitamin A in the beta-carotene form, Vitamins C (Collagen booster, lightening, brightening) and Vitamin E (Protects against UV, hydrating). We love that this has a slightly sweet rose smell too! Natural at its best... Oh and it comes in a cute little eco friendly drawstring bag!

    Why we love MERME. We love this small independent business and their ethos. Their 1-Ingredient Philosophy means their products are stripped down to their 100% potency, with no hidden fillers, synthetics or chemicals. Ingredients that are so powerful they can stand alone, untouched, and without any additives or preservatives. Backed by science and ancient natural beauty wisdom, these are valued for their ability to heal, moisturise and protect all skin types of any age. They source their ingredients from around the globe, extracting them from the highest quality organic plant and nut materials. They also come in glass bottles (LOVE), minimising the plastic impact on the planet. Simple, Organic, Vegan, Green.