GO Kombucha China White. 

THIS DELICATE white tea (‘pai mu tan’) delivers a smoother tang with fragrant notes, making this sparkling wine-like kombucha a perfect alcohol alternative.

Ingredients. Local spring water, Pai-Mu-Tan tea, sugar <3.9%, kombucha cultures (15.6 cals per 100ml, 39 cals per 250ml bottle)

CERTIFIED by Scottish Organic Producers Assoc.

GO Kombucha

  • The drink, that’s like a tipple,  but not your typical tipple. It’s good for your gut, it’s good for your skin, it’s a nice, alcoholic free, takes the edge off the day, wind down treat. It’s low in sugar, certified organic and only 39 calories. Best served ice cold in your fanciest wine glass. This one, China White, resembles sparkling wine. You’re welcome.