Glucosamine Plus is a daily food created to help support mobility and flexibility. Provides vitamin C to help support the formation of the structural building blocks of bones and joint cartilage/collagen, together with copper to help maintain connective tissue. Enriched with glucosamine, MSM (which helps with pain control) and zinc.


Who is this for. Wellbeing supplement. Arthritus/Joint issues. Runners/Gym bunnies. 
Benefits. Builds healthy, strong joints. Reduces inflammation. Supports bone health. Improves muscle tone.
Key nutrients. Vitamin C 30mg, Zinc 5mg, Copper 250μg, Boron 250μg, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) 450mg, Glucosamine 150mg provided by Glucosamine HCL 180mg, Ginger rhizome extract 25mg, Equivalent to ginger rhizome 500mg, Nettle leaf extract 18.75mg, Equivalent to nettle leaf 75mg, Celery seed extract 7.5mg, Equivalent to celery seed 75mg, Panax Ginseng extract 1.5mg, Equivalent to panax ginseng extract 15mg, Kelp 5mg.
Allergy info. Celery.
Cautions. Not advised for pregnancy or anyone taking Warferin.

Pair with. Skin Omegas+, Multi-Vitamin Skin Vitality 1, Vitamin C supplement for maximum results.

Glucosamine Plus

Size.: 90 tablets