100% natural/plant based products. 

Sustainable and ethical.
Real aromatherapy benefits. 

Made in Britain.


The meditative one. A chance to go a little bit deeper. Peaceful and mellowing.
Aromatherapy benefits. Frankincense is the oil of spirituality, Deeply soothing, Peace-inducing.
Fragrance. Frankincense, patchouli and other essential oils.


eym Candle LAZE

Size.: 220g
  • It took us a while to find our perfect candles... 
    This is the ultimate relaxion scent. It takes you to another world. It is true what they say, this does make you feel peaceful and mellow. A great background scent if you are into meditation or yoga. Bloomin love this one, the ultimate chill out.


    Why we love eym. When eym say natural, they mean 100% natural. Natural fragrance, natural wax, natural wick. Their ingredients and fragrances are always sustainably sourced, as well as their packaging. They use botanical based perfumes, which have been perfected over years, bringing both emotional and physical healing properties. And the scents, well, we love them all. And what we really love it how they can really fill a room (this is rare with natural candles as it is usually the chemical boosters that do this!) 
    They are beautifully packaged which is great, because once you try one, you will want to give them as a gift! They really are amazing.

  • Burn time 50 hours. Burn for a minimum of 2 hours, natural candles have no booster chemicals so need some time to spread their scent.

    To receive the full aromatherapy benefits of the candle, we recommend burning in enclosed spaces. 

    Trim candle wick before each use to 1cm. Do not relight when the wax level is less tha