Vivo Life Vitamin B12 blend is high potency in liquid form so it bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream for maximum efficacy. It contains the three most active forms of Vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin. This ensures optimal absorption and supports a range of physical and psychological functions in the body. Delicious tasting natural orange flavour. 


Who is it for. Everyone.
Benefits. Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Important for brain health, energy levels, a healthy immune system and nervous system. Super fast absorbing. 
Key ingredients. Methylcobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin.
Works with. Folate. Can be combine with any other chosen supplements.

Suitable for. Vegans. 

Vegan B12 Liquid Complex

Size.: 60ml 60 servings.
  • Oh so many reasons, where do we start? Well, number 1, it's in a liquid form which means it's easily absorbed into the blood stream. Number 2, it's so good for energy levels and fatigue. Number 3 it's a mood booster. 4 it helps massively with brain fog. 5 it's the natural answer for so many of our clients. 6 it's vegan, 7 it tastes like oranges... need we go on?

    Why we love VIVO LIFE. They are 100% plant based, vegan, gluten free, soy free and have no added sugar. They are ethically and sustainably sourced, cruelty free, results driven, backed by science and are made in Britain. They also hold the Vganic certificate (going beyond organic!) which means they are grown without pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, are free from additives and preservatives and are thoroughly tested for heavy metals and contaminates. They are also proud to be a Certified Carbon Neutral Company and are mahoosive on recycling! Go VIVO!