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Permanent Make Up (Micropigmentation) is a cosmetic tattooing technique which implants minute amounts of Pigment into the outer layers of the skin. It is sometimes described as a 'cosmedic' procedure, being used to create perfectly realistic hair-by-hair brows. The hair strokes are tattooed in the same way as natural brow hairs to achieve a fuller, more defined look.
The pigments used are specifically selected for their hypo-allergenic qualities and the needles used are disposable one cartridge NANO needles- the finest on the market to date to produce super fine, crisp hairstrokes.
All this is achieved using our TG Indelibeliner Permanent Make Up device, one of the most technologically advanced pieces of PMU equipment in the world, creating beautifully natural, long lasting results.

We have been busy attending the Tracie Giles Training Academy in London, learning the newest techniques with the latest devices to create ultra natural Permanent Make Up Eyebrows. This is the first step in a very exciting journey.

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