wE heart coconut oil


Need a new eye make-up remover? Then look no further than your kitchen cupboard!
Coconut oil is fantastic for the body- inside and out...
But it is especially handy for removing stubborn eye make-up, it even works on waterproof mascara! Just put a little on a cotton ball and gently wipe over and under your eyes. Once your done, wash your face as normal.
It is great for the delicate eye area, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

Unfortunately though this is not one for our eyelash extension clients! You know the rules ;)

diy facemask- great for redness and acne prone skin

Lighten & brighten and tone down redness with this deliciously fruity face mask.
Packed with vitamin C to give your skin that ultimate glow and accelerate healing, strawberries are also a rich source of natural salicylic acid- a top active ingredient found in acne products. This helps get rid of the dead skin cells that clog pores, alongside the alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate skin. Thanks to it's anti-bacterial and hydrating properties, honey will help soothe and nourish, reducing blemishes and fight bacteria. The velvety yoghurt will also help fight acne and moisturise. It's also a great way to feed your skin a healthy, inexpensive and natural antioxidant!

All you need is... A handful of fresh strawberries | A dollop of natural yoghurt | A squeeze of honey

Mix it up and apply all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse well. Made too much? Store in an airtight container and it will keep for up to 1 week! It smells great too!

hydrate your hangover

Beauty Tip Of The Week | The ultimate hangover remedy. Have you overdone it a little over the weekend? Then coconut water shall be your new best friend! It contains 5 essential electrolytes that can be lost through excessive alcohol consumption. Replacing these electrolytes is key- boosting hydration and settling the stomach. Coconut water is way more effective at hydrating the body than water, making you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day! (And in Waitrose it's currently 25% off! Excellent!)

soft & smooth


Would you like to wake up to soft, smooth soles in the morning?
Before you go to bed tonight, give your feet an extra treat! After washing, cover them in moisturiser. Slip on some snazzy socks and voilà!
By wearing your socks, it helps lock in heat, binding moisture to your feet. Want to go super soft? Add a drop of tea tree oil in there too! It's that simple... Oh so soft:)

Vital Vitamin


Especially for our ladies that love to lash... Keep those lashes in tip top condition!
Vitamin E oil is a well known essential for good health, but did you know the amazing benefits it has for hair growth? It contains antioxidants that improve the immune system, increase blood circulation and boost oxygen supply- strengthening hair follicles and preventing hair loss. The effects can be seen in just a matter of weeks! It is also known to be very effective in slowing down the ageing process wink emoticon
You can also find vitamin e in lots of foods such as spinach, avocado, seeds and nuts! But don't over do it as this can reverse it's positive effects. We don't recommend you take any more than 800iu a day and always consult your doctor first.

Keep The Insects Away With A Quick Spray...


Keep the insects away with this Avon spray! With summer in sight it won't be long before those pesky Mosquitos surface again... And we have the perfect solution for when they do! Avon's Skin So Soft body oil spray will do the trick! It contains Citronella(a natural oil that acts as an insect repellent) and mixed with their fragrant oils it turns something simple into something magical. Rumour has it they even use this in the army and swear it's the most effective(and nicest) insect repellent around. Tried and tested this really does work! It leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed too and at a bargain price of £5 it's a must have this summer. If you don't know an Avon rep... We do!

Lighten those locks!


Now that the sunshine is finally here, we have a great little combination to help lighten those locks...
Mix the juice of 1 lemon with 2 teaspoons of almond oil(coconut oil can also be used). The lemon juice acts like an accelerant to the suns natural lightening abilities whereas the almond oil will keep the hair from drying out by acting as a leave in conditioner. Massage this into damp hair- the areas you would like to lighten.
Now this is the tricky part... Find some sun! This will only activate with sunlight and the longer your hair is in the sun, the lighter it will get! Although just 20 minutes is enough to make a difference. Don't forget your SPF!

Be Safe In The Sun


Don't be fooled on a cloudy day... Did you know that 80% of the suns harmful UV rays can pass through the clouds, causing premature ageing and damage to your skin?
Try applying an spf before you apply your make up each day. Environs RAD SPF 15 is a great example and it also works as a primer too leaving you looking flawless! Just use a pea size amount, pat it over your face and neck and you're done!
Always remember to be safe in the sun :)

Ice Ice Baby!


Just before you apply your self tan, rub an ice cube all over your face. This closes and seals the pores, stopping your tan from blocking them which can cause breakouts. This is especially good for those who suffer with problem skin.
Apply your moisturiser, followed by your tan and voilà! A beautiful healthy summer glow, blemish free!

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